9 am, busy morning. Let´s take a break.

Why not having a relaxed conversation while having a cup of coffee?

Would you like to have your coffee break in English? We think it could be a nice way to start the day. Let´s talk about different, interesting, curious and beautiful issues, such as History, Literature, films, music, travels…

Here some of the talks we could share if you join me every Monday/Wednesday from….

– Archeology in Egypt. Lord Carnavon, Howard Carter and the outstanding discovery of King Tut.

– Amazing Mary Shelley and Emily Brönte, writers ahead of their time.

– Victorian women travelling around the world. Let´s have a cup of tea in the sands of the Sahara desert.

– Joanna queen of Castile, was she mad? What do historians say?

– Is the Holy Grail at Colegiata San Isidoro in Leon?

– Mysterious Vera Cruz Church. Segovia. Was it built by the Temple order?

Do you have any other suggestion, or something you would like to talk about?

We´d love to hear to your proposal.  Let us know!

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